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Effective data management for successful data use in retail

Data management is the basis and framework for rapid digital transformation

When preparing your data, we focus on efficient long-term solutions. Correct data management is the basis of all other applications from key figure dashboards to machine learning models. After successful data preparation, we also support our customers with automated data warehouse solutions to make the entire data pipeline process as simple as possible. This way, we make your data immediately ready for use and available at any time.

Retail companies usually have many different data sources from which they can extract key figures if required but this is often difficult and time-consuming. With a well-structured data warehouse and a clearly defined ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process within the company, unnecessary manual efforts can be eliminated. Companies can thus quickly save costs and time. In addition, data quality and availability in the company can be permanently increased to continuously improve data-based planning and forecasts.


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Case Study: Motul is now running with data like clockwork

The lubricant manufacturer Motul faced the problem of poor data quality and unclear data lakes. Therefore, the company decided to cooperate with our data experts to structure the ETL process from different data sources and to support them in building a data warehouse. This enabled Motul to create a long-term, stable basis for data-driven decisions within a few months. The data was prepared and transformed in such a way that the company can now access its data in a targeted manner, at any time and from any location. This uncomplicated access to the data, the real-time availability and the clear data structure save the industrial company a lot of time and enables the rapid implementation of further data analytics and data science projects.

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Fast and efficient project planning – with a Gantt chart

The reason why some projects ultimately fail, is often due to the lack of project management. This makes the project manager role and his planning more important. This, however, is easier said than done. In practice numerous external circumstances and requirements influence the project and can change several times during the project. The project goal then feels like a long way off. And project planning involves several challenges - at least if the project has to be completed on time [...]

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