Data Management

Companies increasingly want to start and accelerate the transformation into a data-driven company. However, this first step is often the biggest challenge. Proper data management is the basis for a smooth start and also the foundation for the entire life cycle of all data projects. A long-term and future-proof strategy helps to avoid errors and unnecessary costs.

Targeted data management increases the availability of data, shortens decision-making processes within the company and reduces the amount of wrong decisions made through improved data quality. The result is minimal time-to-value for all data-driven challenges, cost savings and optimized productivity. In addition, efficient data management helps to improve competitive advantages and to quickly identify market and competitive dynamics.

We support you in identifying and defining your data requirements and their management. We then define your data strategy as well as the methodical and organizational use of the data in such a way that your company can gain maximum value from it. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of data management, we can quickly assess which data is relevant to your company’s success and how and where you can optimally make it available. Successful decision-makers need data that is available in the right form and quality at the right time and in the right place.

technology stack

Services – we offer for your company:

  • Collection of data from different systems
  • Integration of data (data laking)
  • Consolidation of data (data warehousing)
  • Overview of the data pipeline (data lineage and stewardship)
  • Data modeling (analytics ready)
  • Sensible data structures and models
  • Individual user and rights management (data governance)
  • The ideal combination of external and internal information
  • Central integration of different systems
  • Assured data quality
“After less than four weeks, a first basic application was available, which we then improved step by step and introduced internationally – with consistent help from INFORM DataLab. In the past, we spent up to an entire working day collecting and merging the necessary data for analysis. Now it’s a matter of a few minutes – and we receive a transparent overview of all data, regardless of country or source system. We see the whole company.”

Adnan Karabegovic, Chief Information Officer, MOTUL.