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We don’t just link data and put it into an algorithm. We dive into the depths of your data and uncover new, business-relevant information. We understand your business processes and use data science to improve them where it makes sense. Be it by automating repetitive, manual activities or predicting values that could not be calculated before. With the help of Artificial Intelligence and our understanding of company-specific business processes, we transform your data into value and reveal new opportunities and potentials for your company.

Our data scientists consider the problems of your company and take a look outside the box to uncover further potential. Your experts will be involved throughout the entire project. Not only do all participants understand how the developed solution works, but their experience and knowledge flow directly into the analysis.

With our data science projects, we create new opportunities for companies to recognize correlations, forecast the future and design processes more efficiently. Join us on a discovery tour through your data and create new opportunities to increase your company’s success.

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Services – we accompany your company in the field of data science during the:

  • Elaboration of possible use cases in your company
  • Implementation of proof-of-concepts
  • Integration of successful use cases into daily business processes
  • Training of employees in handling the systems
  • Supporting existing data science teams with expertise from many different projects and industries
“Thanks to the Machine Learning model from INFORM DataLab, we were able to improve the accuracy of our replenishment times in production by up to 42 percent. The effect this will have on our ability to adhere to delivery dates will greatly increase our customer satisfaction.”

P. Oldak, Production Manager Benz Werkzeugsysteme GmbH.

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