Data Strategy

Digital transformation currently keeps almost all companies busy. However, many organizations face challenges in monetizing their data and often don’t know how to generate real value from their data.

A data strategy is the customized roadmap for data value creation in your company and thus forms the foundation for a successful digital transformation.

INFORM DataLab supports companies both in the development and implementation of a data strategy, building on experience and industry best practices.

Challenges where we can support your company:

  • Are you at the very beginning of your data journey and would like to get an overview of what is possible in your industry and makes sense for your company?
  • You want to drive data value creation in your company and want to know where you stand?
  • Would you like to develop and evaluate individual uses (projects) for your company to add data value?
  • Would you like to develop prototypes to make the potential for data analysis in your company visible?

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Elements of a Data Strategy

Leistungen – wir schaffen in Ihrem Unternehmen

  • Sinnvolle Datenstrukturen und -modelle
  • Ein individuelles Nutzer- und Rechtemanagement
  • Die ideale Zusammenführung von externen und internen Informationen
  • Eine zentrale Integration verschiedener Systeme und Daten
  • Eine sichere Datenqualität

„XY hat die Lösung im ständigen Dialog mit uns entwickelt, so dass unsere Anforderungen auch alle wirklich abgedeckt wurden.“

M. Müller, Leiter Controlling bei XY.

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