ESG Reporting for companies

The analysis of non-financial key figures is gaining new importance in the context of mandatory reporting. Find out why your company should also address the topic of ESG reporting now.

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ESG reporting and the associated reporting requirements are currently challenging many companies. There is no reason for this!

From the point of view of our data experts, the automated reports are not a problem as soon as the relevant key figures are recorded correctly and analyzed in a targeted manner.

With the efficient collection of all non-financial KPIs and automated reporting, you not only comply with your reporting obligation, but also benefit from the following added values:

  • significant reduction of effort in the creation of reporting
  • new insights for your company by linking ESG data with other key performance indicators
  • daily support for decision making based on data
  • improved stakeholder relations through transparent and regular communication of ESG factors

We help you in the area of ESG reporting with:

  • identification of all relevant KPIs
  • the analysis of your contribution to the ESG factors
  • the integration of your non-financial key figures into your existing systems
  • ESG reporting with only a few clicks and automated reporting
  • orientation in the "standard jungle
  • creation of standardized dashboards
  • recording the status quo of existing data and systems that are relevant for ESG reporting

Why are we the best in providing ESG reports?

With the Datalab sustainability software, you can be sure that you are on the right track for reporting. Makeshift isolated applications and endless tables are a thing of the past. Datalab brings everything you need, and makes integrative ESG management real.

The central software solution helps you evaluate the social, ecological, and economic areas of action of your company. Create the foundation for communication with your stakeholders and connect all participants through a common platform. Datalab improves the information exchange and the company-wide cooperation and bundles all the characteristics of different disciplines.

"It is high time that companies now record and prepare their ESG key figures. On the one hand, to comply with reporting requirements. On the other, to be able to identify and exploit potential in this area - and, of course, to be able to make sustainable decisions."


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What is meant by ESG?

ESG Reporting

ESG reports disclose data of a company in three areas: Environment, Society and Governance.ESG reporting has become an integral part of any business and industry nowadays.


A company’s impact on the environment and its ability to mitigate various risks that could harm the environment. This may include a company’s carbon footprint as well as its record regarding energy efficiency, waste management, conservation of water and other natural resources, and treatment of animals.


During less than 2 decades, the movement of ESG has increased rapidly from a corporate social responsibility initiative launched by the United Nations into a global phenomenon. At first, when this term appeared in the lexicon, it was a synonym for sustainability.

Social Factors

Assesses a company’s relationships with other businesses, its standing in the local community, its commitment to diversity and inclusion among its workforce and board of directors, its charitable contributions, and whether it is noted for employee policies that foster health and safety.

Risks and investments

Then the financial community morphed ESG into an adjective for risks. Investors and lenders craved to be aware of risks that could be occurred in a company from environmental and social impacts on the business.

Corporate Governance

Assesses a company’s internal processes, such as transparent accounting methods, executive compensation, and board composition, as well as its relationships with employees and stakeholders. It may also include internal regulations designed to prevent conflicts of interest and unethical behavior.

ESG reporting is becoming mandatory for companies and an increasingly important part of corporate culture. Learn how your company can easily provide the key performance indicators on a regular basis and also use these KPIs successfully.

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