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Use management dashboards for a quick overview

Reporting can be tedious: different data sources must be brought together; the most important key figures must be defined and clearly presented. Especially within management, which often has to keep an eye on several departments and their key figures at the same time, this is usually a difficult challenge to master. To evaluate the success of various measures across departments and to quickly identify opportunities and risks, management needs a solution that continuously displays all key figures in a clear manner.


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Complex data at a glance

Many companies know this challenge only too well. Quite a lot of data has to be prepared in the company for each department and also provided clearly for management. Intuitive operation and a quick introduction of a data analytics solution are usually desired. The data should also be available on different media – even mobile – for different departments. For example, production data can then be integrated directly into shop floor management and simultaneously visualized for management alongside data from supply chain management and controlling.

We help you combine all data sources into an individual management dashboard to analyze important financial figures in a targeted manner, prepare relevant sales figures visually in an optimal way and make key figures on sales and costs available at any time and any place. React immediately to developments in your company and ensure profitable decisions.

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Data Quality Disasters

Data quality is an innocuous term. Upon first encounter, the association is usually big tables filled with numbers, some of which erroneous, math, and complex statistics. The consequences, however, can be very real. In my previous article “Data Cleaning: Pitfalls and solutions” I  shed some light on some of the shapes data quality issues can take. I also talked about a few approaches towards improving data quality and shared some insight on the business impact of inadequate data quality. Today, [...]

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