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Data Analytics in Retail

In retail, enormous amounts of data are generated daily. In order to use this data profitably, you need correctly structured data models as well as an analytics tool that displays the relevant data for each department with just a few clicks. Based on historical data, precise information on the success of marketing measures can be provided, cross- and up-selling opportunities identified, and inventories precisely forecasted.

Data Science and Analytics for Industry

Data analytics creates new opportunities to improve services. The use of data science automates routine procedures and increases the ability of companies to react to unexpected events, especially in critical processes, in combination with real-time data analytics.

Data Management for the Retail Industry

Data should be prepared in such a way that it is the solid foundation for any other technology application, from business intelligence software to machine learning models. We support companies – regardless of the complexity of their data – in efficient data integration and data preparation.

Data Science and Analytics in Health Research

In health research, Big Data is often evaluated. Artificial Intelligence helps in data analytics and makes it possible to gain new insights for possible diagnoses and treatments from the large volumes of data. Data analytics and data science support health research through improved and easier evaluations and data-based, reliable statements.

Data Science for Manufacturing

In machine and systems engineering, adherence to delivery dates is a decisive factor for customer satisfaction. With the help of data science, the quality of intelligent production planning can be further improved. Discover in which areas manufacturing companies can profitably apply machine learning.

Management Dashboards

Would you like to keep a constant eye on your business figures? And Measure your business success with just one click? With our solutions you can use your own data as a decision-making tool and easily link different departments and their data sources. In this way, you can stay one step ahead of the competition by keeping track of all key figures and complex information simply and across departments.