We believe that companies can only be successful if they make efficient and data-based decisions.

Data flows like a bloodstream in your company, providing each organ with the relevant information and skills. We create solutions that start, improve and maintain this cycle to pave your way to a data-driven future. At INFORM DataLab we offer you innovative solutions for the management and analysis of your data.


We will accompany you through your digital transformation. Our data scientists, software developers, consultants and data-loving employees are here to support your company with decades of expertise in the fields of data management, data analytics and data science. We are not afraid to take an unconventional path – if the goal is your success.

In addition to the preparation and visualization of your data, we also advise you on the introduction and day to day work with the solution. Thanks to many years of experience in various industries and countless successful projects, we can show you directly what opportunities your data offers and how you can use this potential profitably.

Data Management

Do you want to use your data for your business successfully and finally start a digital transformation in your company? Whether simple data warehouse or your individual solution – we help you to prepare your data correctly and for a promising use. In addition, we support you in quickly and efficiently introducing your employees to working independently with the data.

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Data Analytics

Do you often have to rely on your gut feeling or uncertain figures when making decisions due to a lack of transparency or flexibility in data analytics? Our team is happy to tackle these challenges. Together we create an analytics solution with state-of-the-art technologies, efficient tools and a healthy dose of lateral thinking.

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Data Science

Have you heard a lot about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, but don’t know how to approach the topic in your company? Do you already have a concrete use case in mind, but are unsure whether your data is available in sufficient quantities or is it of the correct quality? Our team of experienced data scientists accompanies you throughout the entire process: from concept creation to proof of concept to execution.

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Our services

Data Management

We prepare your data for successful use in your company! Therefore, we provide you with the right data management strategy with the goal of maximizing data quality and consistency in the long term.

Data Analytics

Analyze your relevant key figures with just a few clicks at a glance! We support you with a flexible and intuitive data analytics solution tailored to your requirements!

Data Science

We provide knowledge and company-relevant information from your data. Our data scientists have the scientific expertise to develop processes, algorithms and systems specifically for your company and thus gain new insights from your data.

AI Expertise

Artificial Intelligence is our passion. We don’t just use it as a buzzword but have already successfully applied Artificial Intelligence in many successful use cases at our customers.

Individual Programming

There are no limits to the potential applications of your data. Thanks to decades of experience in software development, we optimize your applications with self-developed extensions and individual programming.


For the perfect solution, we ask the right questions and answer them for your company. We offer expertise in numerous industries and areas for targeted industry applications and accompany you safely on your path to digital transformation.

Current Projects

Data Analytics

Data Analytics in Retail

Data-driven decisions are more important in retail than in almost any other industry. Up-to-date information supports customer satisfaction, marketing campaigns and sales activities. We support you in the evaluation of big data and a targeted analysis.

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Data Science

Data Science for Manufacturing

Machine and systems manufacturers often struggle with the planning of their complex production. The use of machine learning helps to achieve significant improvements, for example by accurately forecasting planning values and making them more precise.

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Data Management

Data Management for the Retail Industry

Data management is the basis and framework for applications ranging from descriptive key figure dashboards to complex machine learning models. Read more about data management and companies that have already successfully mastered their way to a successful data management strategy.

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Data Science

Data Science and Data Analytics for Industry

Our data scientists help companies to accelerate, automate and optimize processes. Especially in time-critical processes, AI helps to identify irregularities quickly and to make targeted predictions.

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Mission Statement

Wir lieben Daten und möchten mit Ihnen neue Wege in der Datenanalyse beschreiten. Mit einer Kombination aus Pioniergeist und Know-how nutzen wir Ihre Daten für Ihren Erfolg Unsere Arbeit lebt von unseren Werten

Commitment | Creativity | Authenticity | Passion

Data Exploration Workshop

In a workshop, we examine your data and jointly develop an individual data strategy for your company.


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Offering Consulting - Datalab

Data Strategy Assessment

We start with stable data management and a targeted data analytics solution and accompany you through the concretization and implementation of your data strategy.

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